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Inspired by my mother, Angela Christofellis, Angie's Food Concepts is on a mission to make luxury foods affordable to everyone, continuing with our newest concept, Angie's Burger! 


We are bringing Prime Steakhouse Burgers to the drive-thru! Prime and premium ingredients should not just be for the few that can afford it, they should be for everyone! We are now testing our Angie's Burger menu at our Angie's Prime Grill location in Central Phoenix on Central & Thomas. Come be one of the first to have an Angie's Burger!

How We Do It

After opening Angie's Prime Grill in the Fall of 2023, we discovered a huge, game-changing opportunity in front of us. For Angie's Prime Grill, we are using USDA Prime Steak and all the meat trimmings were going into the trash. We realized that these trimmings are exactly what go into making an incredible Prime Burger. In fact, we need even more trimmings because we were already using a substantially trimmed piece of Prime Steak to begin with. This means, we can purchase a primal cut of prime steak (less trimmed) and significantly lower our food costs at Angie's Prime Grill and Angie's Burger! ​


With Angie's Lobster, we are able to make lobster affordable to everyone by owning the supply chain -- from wharf to processing plant to drive-thru! Owning the supply chain for Angie's Prime Grill, with USDA Prime steak, is a bit more difficult, so instead, we are going horizontal!


Ultimately, we are creating a synergy of efficiencies between Angie's Prime Grill and Angie's Burger, allowing the two to feed off each other by giving them both numerous efficiencies along with tremendous food cost savings from shared ingredients and complementary inputs. 


​If we are going to make luxury foods like Maine Lobster, Wild-caught Mexican Colossal Shrimp, USDA Prime Steak, and now Prime Steakhouse Burgers affordable to everyone, we cannot apply the traditional restaurant business model. We are going to have to be extremely innovative.


We are a disruptive restaurant model changing what and how the average, hard-working American eats. 

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My mother, Angie, moved with her family from Greece to Boston at a young age. She came from a family of fearless and hard-working immigrants who would give you the shirt off their back. Angie grew up with that same grit and determination to make a better life for her kids. She was everything to my sister and me. A true force of nature. She was a single mom who worked in restaurants to support us and always made sure we had what we needed, and then some. We always enjoyed great, home cooked meals. Going out to eat was always a treat and she never held back. Looking back now, I honestly don't know how she did it and can only imagine the sacrifice involved. She taught us to work hard and help others when they need help. 

Angie passed away from pancreatic cancer in March 2020. Up until her final day, she was pushing herself to get out of bed and take care of her kids and grandkids. 

This is what drives us to allow hard-working people, just like Angie, and their families, to be able to enjoy prime meats and premium and organic ingredients! We are doing this for all the Angies of the world.

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